Planning a Children’s Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday party can be one of the most magical and most stressful times of the year but you want to do it right so your child has these memories to look back on in years to come. There is a lot to think about when planning a child’s birthday party from the guest list to the cake to the entertainment but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think and as long as you give yourself enough time to prepare, it can go safely and smoothly and everyone will have a wonderful time. For those who don’t know where to start, here are a few things you should think about when planning your child’s party.

The entertainment is the key factor of any party and you have to cater to the age of the children at the party. There’s no use getting a magician to perform to one year-olds who won’t have any idea what’s going on. A bounce house is one of the most popular and entertaining elements a child could want at a birthday party and the good thing is, children of almost any age can use them and have fun using them! You can hire bouncy houses for a reasonable price online so all you have to do is search around for a suitable one for your child and the guests. If you have a pirate themed party, you can probably hire a pirate themed bouncy house from bounce house rental duncanville. The children will love it!

Food is always an issue when it comes to parties. What kind? Party food or a sit-down meal? Is anyone a vegetarian? Your best bet with this is to go with a large range of party food from sausage rolls, sandwiches and sweets which will keep the children happy and energized with side dishes of salad and pasta for any parents who are there. The cake is also a big part of your child’s day but with so many talented bakers and cake making services these days you could even design one to get specially made for your child. Depending of your price range of course. Any child would be chuffed with a whole cake that looks like their favourite cartoon character. As for the filling, a simple sponge and jam cake should do the trick. You don’t want dozens of children eating loads of chocolate cake then going straight onto a bouncy house do you…

You may need some additional entertainment at a party so you could consider hiring a clown or a magician to keep the children occupied. When hiring a person to come to your house and entertain for a group of children, make sure you do your research. Check they have a licence and check that they’re legit. Ask them for references to other parents who have hired them and make sure they’re ratings are good. The majority of them are of course. Also, if you hire a clown, be prepared that some children may find it scary. Clown phobias are quite common – amongst adults and children – so check what the costume is like before they come into your house.

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How to Find the Best Impact Driver: An In-depth Look

What are impact drivers, and where are these used? Although small tools, impact drivers are well-known for handling huge construction projects. These impact drivers are usually used for deck building or removing lug nuts off a construction truck.

While it has been a common misconception that big tools are designed for huge projects, impact drivers have proven otherwise. Despite its size being smaller than other cordless drills, it can still perform its work. Its size has also contributed towards its ease of use, especially for those who are less muscular because of less reaction force. It can also be used in tighter spaces and can be used with one hand. These features make it a perfect tool for both professionals and amateurs.

In recent times, the popularity of impact drivers has increased. It used to be a rare tool that can only be found in selected stores, but now, the majority of home improvement stores now cater to this type of construction equipment. If you’re on the lookout for the best impact driver, some of the top brands you may want to consider are Makita, DeWalt and Milwaukee. You may also find an impact driver from various online stores.

Finding the Best Impact Driver to Meet Your Expectations

The confusion and battle starts between cordless drills and impact drivers since these two tools have features that can do similar tasks. But take note that impact drivers are different from drills because they are smaller in size.

Since impact drivers became popular over the past few years, buyers tend to get confused over the choice available. The selections out there may vary according to price, size, power and battery options. Familiarizing yourself with the basic features of these impact drivers will help you find the right one to meet all your needs.

Determine the Best Impact Driver by Checking These Important Features

The best impact driver may vary from one person to another. It may also be different according to what it will be used for. Some buyers would prefer a more compact driver, while some others require an impact driver that is a little bit bigger for more complex projects. The key features are speed and torque and may be classified according to its size: highly powerful, heavy, large, lightweight, super compact and low voltage.

Listed below are key features that you may check to find the best impact driver to suit your preferences:


Torque is measured in inch pounds – this is also known as rotational power as some of you may know. In general, all impact drivers have higher rotational power – this is one of the key features of this powerful tool. Although all have high torque measurements, these may still differ and you may want to take note of these differences.

Impact drivers may range from 700 to 1500 inches-lbs. The heavier it is and the higher the torque is, the higher the price will be. If you’re looking for a driver that can handle simple DIY work, you can go for the lowest torque, but if you’re a professional contractor, a more heavyweight one will do the trick.


Impact drills are measured in RPM with regards to speed. If you’re planning on using your impact driver for repetitive work or for prolonged periods of time, one that has a higher RPM is suitable. Professional contractors use impact drivers with an RPM of more than 2,200.


Impact drivers come in two types – cordless and corded. Corded impact drivers usually save you the hassle from replacing or re-charging your batteries, while cordless drivers enable you to bring it anywhere even without a power outlet. Drivers that are higher in voltage are most often bigger and heavier.

Weight and Size

This is one factor that many people consider when looking for the best impact driver out there. Some prefer a smaller driver while some others are looking for a sturdier and larger tool. It all depends on your needs and budget at the same time.


This applies if you’re going with a cordless impact driver. The only thing that you have to consider is its battery life. Generally, you need an impact driver that you can use without having to re-charge it too frequently.

5 free thoughts for used car buyers

1)      If possible have your financing in place before you start.

Although you can still get a good interest rate (sometimes even better) when purchasing a used car at a dealer that does on the lot financing. It’s always good to go to your local bank or credit union first and try to get a loan for your next used car purchase. Even if you think your credit isn’t up to snuff and that you may be limited to buy here pay here cars, you own bank may surprise you by financing your next used car.

The Main Benefits:
Your bank will take your debt to income ratio into consideration and will not let you borrow more than your budget will sensibly allow you to afford. In addition they will in all likelihood give you a better interest rate on the loan to keep you as a steady customer.

If you haven’t saved up for a down payment this can also be financed at the time your speaking to your bank. That way you won’t have to drain your savings or emergency fund.

And last but not least. Cash is king, and when you go into a used car dealer with cash or a preapproved loan it shortens the buying process considerably, they treat you with a lot more respect, and you will have considerable negotiating power when closing the deal and you can get a lower price.

2)      Do an adequate test drive.

This simply can’t be stressed enough. When you’re first looking at a car it’s easy to fall in love and say “I’ll take it”! But you really should do a thorough test drive first. Take the car through some city driving, then up onto the highway. You’ll want to take the car up to at least 70 mph and cruise at that speed for at least 5 minutes. If there are any high speed shimmies or front end issues with the used car they will be much more telling at highway speeds. When you get back to the used car dealership check the radio, power windows, door locks, defroster, heater, air conditioner, windshield wipers, turn signals and lights, and everything else on the car to make sure it’s functioning. Last but not least look under the hood and in the trunk. Does the car have a spare tire? Does the spare tire have air in it? Is there a jack present so you can change it? Be thorough. Almost all used cars purchased are as is.

3)      Have your mechanic look at the car.

Most people have a friend, relative, or professional mechanic that knows how to look at and listen to a car to make sure they’re OK to buy. If you find a used car you like, make sure that you take it for a pre purchase inspection before signing on the dotted line. Most garages will charge anywhere from $25 to $50 dollars to inspect a car. This could end up being some of the best money you’ve ever spent. Especially if they tell you that it some type of major issue.

4)      Don’t buy the first time you look at a car.

Any used car dealer you go to will want you to buy today. But don’t! Go home and sleep on it. Of course they’re going to tell you there are 30 other people looking at the car and that they can’t guarantee that it will be here tomorrow when you come back. But that’s ok. The chances are about 90% that it will still be there. Don’t get in a hurry, the average length of a car loan is 4 years. That’s a long time to regret a bad decision.

5)      Buy a car you like.

That’s right! Buy a car that you like. If you have it until it’s paid off, on average that will be 4 years. Imagine having to sit down every month and writing out a check that’s between $250 and $500 dollars for a car that you don’t even like. That’s really going to hurt badly. However if you really like your car, the monthly payment will not be so painful to make. Don’t get forced by an overbearing salesmen to buy a car you don’t like. Just walk away!

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What are the Best Affordable Espresso Machines for 2014

A good espresso maker will produce a dark and rich brew espresso shots and it is greatly concentrated. This is the choice of Italian ritzy cafes and bistros all over the world. It requires the coffee beans being finely ground, packed in tightly in order to make strong coffee that espresso drinker calls as “shots” in little cups. Its brew has higher volume of the dissolved coffee beans compared to regular coffees.

Rancilio Silvia V3Rancilio Silvia Version 3 Espresso Machine – many of its users along with online coffee machine reviewers named the Rancilio Silvia V3 as the best espresso machine available for less than one thousand dollars. This espresso machine is packed with commercial grade components built into this amazing machine. The single boiler found in this machine is just exceptional. Compared to other espresso machines for home, the Rancilio Silvia has the biggest boiler capacity of 12 oz. that will provide great steam power and has great recovery time between shots. Its 58 mm. portafilter is the same on Rancilio’s commercial espresso machines so you are sure that it can produce superb extraction. For its outstanding heating stability and premium extraction, another commercial quality group head is integrated into the machine. The steaming wand built into its Version-3 machine features an articulating steam wand that will enable users to have full control of motion range in order to steam that perfect latte milk, for a perfect latte or cappuccino. Additionally, the steam knob is also commercially designed.

Another great advantage of this best espresso machine is how well built it is and is designed that the Rancilio Silvia will last for years. It has a sturdy design, a strong linear body which is made of an iron frame and stainless steel side panels. This machine will also fit with most kitchens and will look good. You should know that for this machine to produce perfect espressos, a quality coffee grinder is needed. Most users have great experience using Rancilio Rocky grinder, burr grinder and the Gaggia MDF grinder for this machine. Installing a PID will also help in creating consistent excellent shots. So be prepared to invest more for you to get that perfect espresso you’ve been craving for.


Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso  Cappuccino MakerMr. Coffee ECMP50 – this is the best espresso machine available for less than one hundred dollars. The Mr. Coffee ECMP50 is made by America’s popular brand when it comes to making coffee makers. This espresso/cappuccino machine is easy to use, creates quick espresso and is affordable. Many users are well satisfied on how the machine produces authentic or bold espresso shots. This machine boasts of its thermal block heat system that heats water fast, along with the 15-bar pump that brews rich and crema espressos. For serving size, a single and double shot portafilter is included in the package. When serving cappuccino, the machine’s frother can quickly steam the milk to a creamy finish. For easy filling and cleaning, its water reservoir can be removed from the machine.

Even for starters, they will love this machine on how easy and fun it is to use. For its design, this espresso machine will surely look good on any counter top. Although it has some durability issues so make sure to read proper handling and maintenance of this machine for it to last longer. Overall, most users are very satisfied and it’s hard to beat this machine in terms of quality and price. The best bang for your money.

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